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“They said to the mountains and the rocks, ‘Fall on us and hide use from the presence of Him who sits on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb.'” | Revelation 6:16

Music and Lyrics by Jody Killingsworth

Day of wrath! A certain and dreadful day
When earth and sky are burned away
The sun will dim,
And with it the moon decay
To greet His fierce return

The trumpet sounds
And all of the dead arise
A mighty army swells the skies
The Lamb descends,
A burning within His eyes,
To conquer and to judge

So swift He leads
Those heavenly armies on
To slay the harlot Babylon
Lo, hear her now enjoying a prideful song
He’ll catch her by surprise

And from the earth her name erase
O Jesus, be my hiding place
O Jesus, be my hiding place
Hiding place…

Foolish now, the philosophies we did trust
“O rocks and hills come fall on us!”
Man dreads to come,
Let me tell you, but come he must
And face his destiny

Wretched soul,
What sympathy can we plead?
O who for us can intercede?
Our sighs and tears
So futile and empty seem
When underneath His frown

Yet there’s one voice can save the race
O Jesus, be my hiding place
O Jesus, be my hiding place
Hiding place…

Judgment waits for you and me
The axe is ready for the tree
Those secret things
His justice will expose
So heed me well, or hope is lost
Surrender now beneath the Cross
Take care to enter
Before the moment goes
A door that He can open, He can close

The little child, and the pompous king
Are here the same, great reckoning
The vilest tongue His praises sing
The stiffest knee bow down
Man can’t atone for his disgrace
O Jesus be my hiding place
O Jesus be my hiding place

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