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“It is finished.” | John 19:30

Lyrics and Music by Jody Killingsworth

I’m standing on the promise of
The Lamb at Calvary,
Who undertook the offices
Of Prophet, Priest, and King
To live forever at the throne
Of God to intercede;
He wrote in blood His Covenant:
“This child belongs to Me.”

His word is irrevocable;
He will not take it back;
What He has said was finished there
Is finished now in fact.
The gates of Hell cannot prevail
Where Christ has laid a claim;
His love is irresistible
And evermore the same.

I’m standing upon the promises,
Believing in what I’ve heard.
It pleased Him, in agony of death,
To give His final Word.

Now for the kingdom of the Lord
I hunger and I thirst,
And run to Him in such a way
As trying to get there first;
I’ve counted what was gain as loss
In view of greater things;
I have no better than a cross
To carry to the King.

(Chorus x2)

“Remember me in paradise,
Where You ascend today,”
A criminal beside Him there
Was overheard to say.
He looked at him in charity
And said with final breath,
“My Kingdom is established, friend,
And you are made a guest.”

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