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Lyrics by Jake Mentzel
Music by Jody Killingsworth and Philip Moyer

The Lord is my refuge
He’s my fortress and shield
I call upon Him
All my enemies yield
Yes, I called on the
The Ancient of Days
My Rock and my Strength, my Deliverer
Deserving of all praise

The cords of death around me
Ruination on my head
The pains of hell within me
Left me for dead
Then I called on the
I cried in my distress
He heard me from up in His temple
And He answered my request

Then the earth shook and trembled
And the mountains were rocked
Fire rained in the heavens
When His wrath was unlocked
He mounted the wings of His cherub
And bowed the heavens down
Deep darkness was swirling around Him
Hot flames licked up the ground

The heavens roared with thunder
From a blast of His breath
Smoke went up from His nostrils
The skies were painted in death
The sea gave up her secrets
Laid her foundations bare
He chased them all down with His arrows
Led them right into His snare

The Lord reached down from heaven
Took me up in His arms
Drew me out of deep waters
And He saved me from harm
He’s been my strong salvation
In great calamity
He brought me out into green pastures
For He delighted in me

I’ve set the Lord before me
Kept all His commands
And He has well rewarded
My pure hearts and clean hands
I have kept the ways of God
I have not strayed from His side
The wicked keep moving and shifting
But with Him I will abide 

To the kind He is kind
To the pure He is pure
To the upright He’s blameless
And all His mercies are sure
But to the crooked and proud
They only know His dread
He saves a humble people
But He kills them wicked dead

You light up my lamp
You chase away my night
Though a host should come against me
I’ll be lled with Your might
My God, His way, it is perfect
And every word of His is true
Lord, You’re a shield and a refuge
For every man who trusts in You

Who is God, but the Lord?
Is there a Rock like You?
If You train my hands for war
What can my enemies do?
You set my feet securely
I’m like a deer upon the heights
I bend back my bow of solid bronze
And set the wicked in my sights

Your salvation’s my shield
And my support is Your hand
My feet won’t slip or stumble
In such a broad and stable land
Your gentleness and mercy
It’s what has made me great
Your way is sure before me
And all my paths are good and straight

I’ll run down my foes
They will all be consumed
When they see me coming
They’ll know that they are doomed
And though they cry out for help
Still they’ll fall beneath my feet
To the wind I’ll scatter their ashes
And drag their bodies through the streets

You’ve delivered me from strife
Put the nations in my sway
And though they have not known me
I know that they’ll obey
They come to me and they tremble
Down on their hands and on their knees
I receive them into my service
I’m accepting of their pleas

The Lord is my refuge
And blessed be my Rock
A good and faithful Shepherd
Who saves His little flock
He delivers us from evil
And takes away our enemies He rescues us from the violent
And puts our restless hearts at ease

I’ll praise You to the heathen
Declare to them Your fame
You bring Your king salvation
And Jesus is His name
And now I’ll praise His name forever
And bring to Him my offerings
Jesus loves and cares for His children
He’s our gracious King of kings 

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