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Adapted from Luke 1:46–55

Lyrics and Music by Philip Moyer

My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord 
I praise His name rejoicing at His word 
He looked on me and prized my low estate 
He raised me up and gave me my new name 

O, what the Lord has done I can’t suppress 
All generations now will call me blessed 
In might and power He’s done such wondrous things 
The holy God, Jehovah, King of kings 

Mighty is the Lord; Come magnify His name 
His love extends forever to those who fear His name 
Holy is the Lord; In majesty He reigns 
The Savior of the nations, let all the world proclaim 

O magnify, O magnify, 
Magnify the Lord with me (x2) 

The Lord has shown His strength with mighty arm 
He scattered all the proud whose hearts were hard 
And rulers He brought down from off their throne 
The humble He raised up to be His own 

The hungry He has filled; The rich He sent away 
He promises salvation to those who fear His name 
As Father Abraham rejoiced to hear Him say 
So every tribe and nation will be blessed in Him today 

O magnify, O magnify, 
Magnify the Lord with me (x4)

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