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Adapted from Luke 2:29-32    

Lyrics and Music by Philip Moyer

Lord free your servant now, and give my soul release
According to Your word, I want to go in peace
I have waited for the Savior and sought Him all my days
Now my eyes have seen salvation, Release me from these chains

The long-expected Prophet my eyes have finally seen
The radiance of His glory shines bright for all to see
He came to earth from heaven with sinful men to dwell
With the poor, and mean, and lowly, our Lord Immanuel—

To be a light—A light to all the nations
To be a light—A light of revelation
To be a light—For Israel’s consolation
The Messiah, to our darkness, now has come
To be a light!

As I go to my grave, I have no fear of death
For the Lord, my God, will save and grant eternal rest

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