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Then he showed me a river of the water of life, clear as crystal, coming from the throne of God and of the Lamb.” | Revelation 22:1

Lyrics by John Adam Granade
Tune by William Moore, alt. and arr. by Jody Killingsworth

Sweet rivers of redeeming love
Lie just before mine eye,
Had I the pinions of a dove,
I’d to those rivers fly.
I’d rise superior to my pain,
With joy outstrip the wind;
I’d cross o’er Jordan’s stormy waves,
And leave this world behind.

O come, my Savior, come away,
And bear me through the sky,
Nor let the chariot wheels delay:
Make haste, and bring it nigh.
I hope to see Thy glorious face,
And in Thy image shine,
To triumph in victorious grace,
And be forever Thine.

A few more days, or years at most,
My troubles will be o’er;
I hope to join the heav’nly host
On Canaan’s happy shore.
My raptured soul shall drink and feast
In love’s unbounded sea:
The glorious hope of endless rest
Is ravishing for me.

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