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“Awake, sleeper, and arise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.” | Ephesians 5:14 

Music and Lyrics by Jody Killingsworth

Wake up sleeper arise,
Where’s the fire in your eyes
Where’s the hunger that proves you’re alive
Where’s the tears that make us wise?

Thorns and devils on our way
Don’t turn your heart to what they say
They’ll just trick you and lead you astray
Keep a careful watch and pray

Their time is already passing away
Can’t you see the light of day.

Wake up sleeper and live,
With all the courage you can give
To face the armies both outside and in
You’ve got that crown of life to win.

So put some meat on those bones,
Or you’ll just sink like a stone
Put fear and distraction behind you at home
Step out into the great unknown.

And cling to his promises, don’t let them go—-
He’s going to reap the things he sows.

Wake up sleeper and hear,
The sound of heaven coming near
Get ready your welcome, make ready your cheer
To greet your king when he appears

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