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“Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” | 2 Timothy 3:12    

Music and Lyrics by Jody Killingsworth

Where are the persecuted?
Show me a willing man
Since everything’s gone easy now, what a happy time we’re in
Caught in a fog of feeling
She’s gone and dropped her task
You take too much for granted, boys, someday you’re gonna pay it back
You’ll have to pay it back
You’ll have to pay it back

Where are the persecuted?
There’s something not quite right
The signal fires were beaming strong and you turned out the light
The lamb went to the slaughter
And you go to your bed
Our fathers drank a bitter cup
But mine went to my head
I drank wine instead
I drank wine instead

So proud of your demeanor
They like to feel you smooth
They tell me you’re legitimate ’cause you don’t pick and choose
Truth went in the cooler
Got buried in the shed
But tell me not to worry now and I’ll make sure you’re very well fed

‘Cause everybody knows that above all else
A man has got to do just whatever he can
Here in America the times are bad,
And it is harder now just to keep your family fed

Keep your family fed
Keep your family fed
Keep your family fed

Where are the persecuted?
No one ever stirs the dust
It was good for Paul and Silas but not good enough for us

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Humility, Tribulation and Suffering

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